Working with Themes and Rules

When specifying project information, you will choose a theme.

A theme is a formatting schema that manages the look and feel of every form in your application from a centralized point. Each theme includes global application features like Menus, host keys, toolbars and host field color mappings, as well as rules specific to individual fields on your host screens.

A rule dictates how a host field gets converted to various customized GUI controls, like Labels, Text Fields, Buttons, and Web Links. This includes managing how the GUI controls look, feel, and behave.

Customizations to any form, such as background color, or any control, such as border, supercede the setting of the theme. For multi-host applications, Javagui is the only theme that can be applied.

After you have created a project, you can create and modify themes from within Presentation Designer. While defining a project, however, you simply select the theme to be used for applications created within the new project.

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