Publishing Custom Presentations

Once you've created your custom presentation in Presentation Integrator, the next step is to publish it to Management & Control Services (MCS).

To publish a custom presentation
  1. Open your presentation in Presentation Integrator.

  2. (Optional) From the Tools menu, choose Preferences.

    The Publish Preference dialog box appears, with four fields showing the MCS server information provided at install time. You may change these settings to publish to a different MCS server.

    If Presentation Integrator is installed on the same server as MCS, you can use localhost as the server address.

  3. From the File menu, choose Publish.

    If the presentation has been previously published, you are prompted to either rename the presentation, overwrite the existing presentation, or cancel. If you overwrite a presentation that is in use, any changes do not take effect until the next time the user accesses the presentation.

    As soon as you publish the presentation, it closes in Presentation Integrator.

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