Creating a Custom Presentation

While publishing an application from Presentation Designer, you can create a default presentation, which contains just that application and nothing more. Using Presentation Integrator, you can add content and modify appearance and behavior. To do this, you can either start with a blank presentation and add published applications (and other resources), or download (open) a default presentation published to MCS.

To create a custom presentation
  1. Using Presentation Integrator, create or open a presentation.

  2. To
    Do this
    Create a new presentation
    1. From the File menu, choose New.

      The New Presentation dialog box appears.

    2. Type a name for your presentation and click OK.

      You may also provide a description.

    3. Add one or more resources by dragging them onto the Design View pane.

      The Resources pane displays currently published resources from your MCS server.

      You can rearrange resources in the Design View by dragging them from one area to another.

    Customize a published default presentation
    1. From the File menu, choose Open.

      The Open Presentation dialog box appears.

    2. Click the Published Presentations tab.

      A list of the presentations published to your MCS server appears.

    3. Select a presentation and click OK.

  3. Modify your presentation.

    See the Related Topics for detailed procedures.

  4. You can either save the custom presentation locally or publish it to your MCS server.

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