Overview: Creating Custom Presentations

Applications provide all the functionality to access host applications and all the customizations you've made so far with Presentation Designer. To deliver this application to end users, Presentation Builder creates presentations. A presentation is a Web page that presents your application to end users within their browsers. Presentation Designer automatically creates default presentations, which are not configurable, but function well to deliver your application. To customize a presentation, you use Presentation Integrator.

With Presentation Integrator, you can add custom headers, footers, and backgrounds to a presentation. In addition, you can configure how the presentation displays within the end user's browser (whether it opens a new window, shows the browser's menu bar, and so on). You can add other applications to a presentation, creating a powerful workspace for end users who need to work with multiple applications at once. Custom presentations can also include an Attachmate Terminal Viewer or any Web-compatible document.

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