Setting Display Location Within Browser

When end users choose a customized presentation in the myAccess Links page, the presentation will either appear in the right pane of the browser so that they can still see the list of presentations, replace the myAccess Links page in their browser window, or open a new browser window. You can choose the display location you want in the Presentation Settings dialog box in Presentation Integrator.

To specify the presentation display location
  1. Open your presentation in Presentation Integrator.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Settings.

    The Presentation Settings dialog box appears.

  3. Under Presentation Display Location, select the way you want the presentation displayed:
    To display the presentation in
    Right Pane The right pane of the myAccess Links page.
    Full Browser The full browser window (the list of presentations will no longer be visible unless the user clicks the browser's Back button).
    Separate Browser A new browser window.

    If you chose to display the presentation in a separate browser window, you must also specify either to display the browser menu bar in the presentation's browser window by clearing the Disable Browser Menus option, or to omit the browser menu bar by selecting the Disable Browser Menus option.

  4. Click OK.

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