Obtaining and Installing a Server Certificate

You must obtain your server certificate from a certificate authority (CA). See the Related Topics links, below, for links to some well-known CAs, or use a private CA, such as Windows 2000 Server Certificate Services.

MCS can use certificates in either .der or .pem format. A .der format file contains binary data. A .pem format file (privacy-enhanced mail) is in ASCII, beginning with this line:


and ending with this line:


The filename extension must match the contents of the certificate file.

To obtain and install a server site certificate on an MCS server or server cluster
  1. Create a certificate request for a server certificate and submit the request to a certificate authority (CA).

  2. When you receive your server certificate, copy the files to an accessible location.

  3. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Security.

  4. In the Security tree, click Security Services.

    The Security Services, General page appears in the right pane of the MCS window.

  5. In the Security Services, Configuration page, to navigate to the location to which you copied your certificate files, click Install.

  6. In the Open dialog box, navigate to the location where you placed your certificate files.

  7. Select a certificate file and click OK.

    The Choose Private Key dialog box is displayed.

  8. Select a private key and click OK.

    After installation, your certificate is displayed in the Security Services, Configuration page under Site Certificate.

  9. To add the CA certificate for your server certificate, click Add.

    Certificate authorities contained in the CA certificate are displayed under Trusted Certificate Authorities.

  10. Click Save.
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