Selecting a Directory Service

The default directory service for MCS is MCS directory. You can add new users and groups to the MCS directory, or you can specify that MCS use another directory service to manage MCS users and groups.

Caution If you change the directory service type, or configure the server address, you will lose all assignments of configurations to users and groups and all user and group permissions, including rights to configure the server. Make sure that you assign rights to configure the server to an administrator in the new directory service before you restart the server; otherwise, you will no longer have access to configure and manage MCS. (There is, however, a superuser, "System," with a password specified when MCS is installed. This user always has access, and can configure the server and assign permissions.)
To select a directory service for MCS
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Security.
    Note If you want to set up a directory service for a server cluster, under Services, choose Server Management rather than Security. The remaining steps are the same.
  2. Under Security, click Directory Services.

    The Directory Services page is displayed in the MCS right pane.

  3. Under Directory Type, select the directory service to use for managing MCS users and groups.
    If you select
    MCS Directory There is no required configuration. The server address is a fixed value. Your next step is to add users and groups to the MCS directory.

    LDAPv3 Directory, Windows NT (NTDS), or NIS
    1. Click Configure to access the configuration settings for that directory service.

    2. Configure the properties for the directory service as needed.

      For details on the Properties of Directory_type dialog box, click Help.

    3. To close the Properties of Directory_type dialog box, click OK.

      For these directory service types, the user and group lists are maintained by the directory service. MCS references the user and group list provided by these directory services based on the server address you specify, which appears on the Directory Services page.

    4. Select Display Descriptions to display user and group descriptions on the Directory page.
  4. To activate your directory service settings, click Save.

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