Managing Applications

Application Manager is a component of Presentation Builder that runs within Management & Control Services (MCS). Using Application Manager, you can manage published applications — delete, rename, and copy them — and modify application properties. In MCS, Application Manager is found under the Products button. The Properties, Delete, Rename, and Copy buttons become enabled once an application is selected from the list of published applications displayed in Application Manager.

There are a few scenarios in which this functionality may be very helpful. You may use Presentation Designer to publish applications to MCS, and make your presentations with Presentation Integrator. In this case, being able to change some of the basic properties of an application or manage your list of published applications directly on MCS could save you time.

Another example would be if you created an application to run against a test host for testing purposes, and then wanted to change to the real host when the application is put into production. You could make this change in Application Manager directly on MCS, without having to go back to Presentation Designer.

Clicking the Properties button allows you to change the following properties of the selected application:

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