Installing on Windows

The following procedure explains how to install Presentation Builder components in a Windows environment. The information for which you are prompted varies, depending on the component you are installing.

If you use WebLogic, your WebLogic domain must exist before you begin the installation. If you need to create a new domain, do so using one of the methods provided by BEA.

Caution Disable any virus-scanning software before beginning installation. Running virus-scanning software during installation can result in missing or corrupted files, or other installation errors.
To install Presentation Builder components in a Windows environment
  1. If necessary, create your WebLogic domain.

  2. Insert the Presentation Builder CD into the CD-ROM drive.

    If the setup utility does not start automatically, run autosetup.exe.

  3. Select the component you want to install.

    For a description of the components you can install, see Choosing the Right Components to Install.

    To install
    MCS Install MCS
    Presentation Designer or Presentation Integrator Install Designer Studio
    Presentation Builder Runtime Service Install Runtime Service
    Presentation Manager, Application Manager, or Presentation Renderer Install Management Plug-in
    Note Install MCS before installing any of the other components.

    The Designer components and Runtime Service can be installed on the same or a different computer than MCS (although the designer components should not be run from a network share). Management Plug-in components must be installed on an existing MCS server.

  4. Type the product access code for Presentation Builder, and then click Next.

  5. When asked to review the Getting Started Guide, click Next.

  6. Accept the terms of your license agreement, and then click Next.

    The installation program guides you through the installation process. For further details about the installation prompts, see Installation Prompts for Windows.

Note If you are upgrading from Presentation Builder version 3.x, your existing projects will be automatically updated when you open and save them in Presentation Designer. To retain a copy of your projects from the earlier version, you should back up your \Program Files\Attachmate\EAI\PresentationDesigner\Projects directory before opening a project in Presentation Designer. Before your applications and presentations can be used in the current version of the Runtime Service, you'll need to republish them to MCS.
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