Installing on Windows: Designer Studio

Designer Studio includes the following components:

Note Installation procedures will vary based upon components selected and Attachmate products previously installed.
Caution Disable any virus-scanning software before beginning any installation. Running virus-scanning software during installation can result in missing or corrupted files, or other installation errors.
To install Designer Studio
  1. Select Install Designer Studio on the CD Browser.

  2. Type the access code for Presentation Builder.

    The access code is located on the CD package or on the Attachmate Software License Agreement.

  3. Review the Getting Started documentation.

  4. Review the license agreement, then select I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement.

  5. Choose the components that you want to install.

    For information about the components you can install, see Choosing the Right Components to Install. Components previously installed may not appear on the list of available components.

  6. Confirm the components that you want to install.

  7. Accept the default installation destination or choose Browse to change the installation destination.

    Note the space required against the space available.

  8. Choose an MCS cluster to join from the list of available clusters or, to specify an existing MCS Server, type the Host Name or IP Address and Port number in the editable text boxes.

  9. Type an MCS Server User ID and password.

    This password will enable users to access Presentation Builder applications. Record and store it in a secure location.

  10. Select which shortcuts, if any, that you wish to appear on your desktop.

    The full installation process will begin. This may take a few minutes, depending on the number of components being installed.

  11. Verify that all selected components installed correctly, and then click Finish.

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