Performing an Unattended Installation on UNIX

The following procedure explains how to perform an unattended (or silent) installation of Presentation Builder in a UNIX environment. An unattended installation runs without prompting the user for input. Instead, an input file provides the values for installation options. To change the default values, before installing, you must manually configure the settings in three files.

To install Presentation Builder components without prompting for user input
  1. Insert the Presentation Builder CD into the CD-ROM drive, and copy PB40_SA.tar.gz from the CD to your computer.

  2. Expand the archive into its own empty directory by typing the following from the command line:

    gunzip -c PB40_SA.tar.gz | tar xvf -

  3. Change to the directory where you expanded the tar file.

    Default values are provided for all installation prompts.

  4. Make any required changes by editing the following files:
    To change the values for installation options in
    Edit the settings in
    MCS mcsinputfile
    Runtime Service pbinputfile
    Presentation Manager, Application Manager, or Presentation Renderer pbplugin_inputfile

    For further details about the installation prompts, see Installation Prompts for UNIX.

  5. After editing, save each file.

  6. To install a component, type the following from the command line:

    ./ -n input_filename

    where input_filename is one of the input files provided.

    Note Install MCS before installing any of the other components. The Runtime Service can be installed on the same or a different computer than MCS. However, the Management Plug-in components must be installed on an existing MCS server.
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