Choosing the Right Components to Install

The following table describes the components that you can install.

Note The design-time components of Presentation Builder can be installed only in a Windows environment; the management and run-time components can be installed in either Windows or UNIX.
Choose To install Which provides
Install MCS Management & Control Services (MCS) A Web-based server console that administrators can use to centrally manage and configure Attachmate management components.
Install Designer Studio Presentation Designer A tool for creating applications by navigating host screens and for publishing presentations to Management & Control Services.
Presentation Integrator A tool for customizing presentations, including adding headers and footers and combining applications, viewers, and Web pages.
Install Runtime Service Presentation Runtime Service A tool for processing the communications between the host and the users of your custom application.
Install Management Plug-in Presentation Manager Tools for assigning presentations to users and/or groups.
Application Manager Tools for managing published applications and modifying application properties.
Presentation Renderer The client renderer for a presentation that contains an application.

Presentation Renderer is required only if your presentations contain applications created in Presentation Designer. If your presentations contain only viewers and/or Web pages, you do not need to install Presentation Renderer.

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