Send Input to the Web Service

To send input to the Web service, you'll map a text field on your customized form to the Web service's operation input.

To map a field to a Web service input
  1. In the Web Service Properties, click the Assign Operation Inputs button.

    The Assign Operation Inputs dialog box appears, showing the eligible data on the left, and the available inputs on the right.

  2. Under Eligible Data, double-click the name of the customized form you are working on.

    If you haven't renamed the form, you'll have two items with the same name listed here. One is the original host screen that your form was converted from. It has a "green screen" icon. The other is the customized form. If you select one of these, you'll see a representation of the item in the middle of the Assign Operation Inputs dialog box, making it easier to see the fields available.

  3. Select the Zipcode text field.

    It will be listed below the form name under Eligible Data. Also, you can select it by clicking the field on the form representation in the middle pane of the dialog box.

  4. Select the Web service's input message.

  5. Click the Add Mapping button.

    The mapping you created will be displayed under Mapped Items.

  6. Click OK to return to the Event editor.