Add an Event to Your Button Control

By adding events to your custom application, you can change how that application works. Events also provide the mechanism for accessing data sources external to your original host application, such as Web services.

To create an event associated with your button
  1. Right-click your button, then under Event Editor, choose New.

    The Event editor appears with the basic structure for your button's On Click event in place; the default error form will be selected and the default Display Form action will be listed.

  2. From the Actions list, click Services to display the Services actions.

  3. Insert a Web Services action into the event by dragging it from the Actions list into the Event Steps tree.

  4. In the Web Service Properties, Under Specify WSDL Source, if your Web service is available from a Web server, select URL, then type the URL to access the WSDL for the Web service.


    If you have downloaded a WSDL file so that your Web service is available locally, select File, then click Browse to locate the WSDL file.

  5. Click Open.

  6. From the Select Operations dialog box, under Operations, select the operation that you want to access from the current event.