Assign Users and Groups to Your Presentation

To make a presentation available to end users, it must be published to Management & Control Services (MCS). The MCS administrator must then assign users to the presentation and activate it using Presentation Manager before deployment.

Note If the Authentication Type is set to None, all users will be able to access all presentations, no matter which users or groups are assigned to the presentations.
To assign a user or group to a presentation
  1. Run MCS.

    This procedure assumes that you've already configured MCS. See the Setting Up Centralized Management topic for details.

  2. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Presentation Manager.

    The Presentation Manager tree appears in the MCS left pane, and the list of published presentations appears in the MCS right pane.

  3. Click to select the presentation to which you want to assign users.

  4. Choose the Assign Users button.

    It's in the row of buttons along the bottom of the window.

  5. From the Permissions dialog box, click the Add button.

    The Add Users/Groups/Virtual Groups/Organizations dialog box appears showing the users and groups available from the configured directory service.

  6. From the Directory list, click the user or group that you want to assign to this presentation, and then click Add.

    The name of the user or group remains in the Directory list, and also appears in the Selected Users and Groups list.

  7. Choose OK to close the Add Users/Groups/Virtual Groups/Organizations dialog box.

  8. Choose OK to close the Permissions dialog box.

  9. Choose the Activate button.

    If an end user is currently viewing the myAccess Links page when you assign that user to the presentation, he or she must first refresh the page to access the presentation.