Changing the Basic Colors

You can change the colors for the background, for text, and for links — basic links, visited links, and active links. Changes in the appearance of the myAccess Links page are controlled by the file.

Note Before editing the properties file, we recommend that you first make a back-up copy for safekeeping.
To change the basic colors
  1. Open the text file, located in the directory MCS install root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/.

    You can open this file using any standard text editor.

  2. Change the values of the following variables:
    BGCOLOR            TEXT
    Caution Change only the values of the variables to the right of the equal sign. Changing the names of the variables may produce undesirable results or cause all settings to revert to standard Attachmate defaults.

    Use only hexadecimal color values. For more information on these variables, refer to Additional myAccess Links Properties.

  3. Save and close the file.

Hex Color Values

The following hex colors can be viewed on most Web browsers, using the values noted:

Color name
Hex value
    Color name
Hex value
Snow White fffafa Black 000000
Navajo ffdab9 Almond ffebcd
Dark Gray 696969 Light Gray d3d3d3
Blue 0000ff Cornflower Blue 6495ed
Navy Blue 000080 Sky Blue 87ceeb
Turquoise 40e0d0 Dark Green 006400
Sea Green 3cb371 Spring Green 00ff7f
Forest Green 228b22 Olive Drab 6b8e23
Yellow ffff00 Gold ffd700
Pale Goldenrod fafad2 Red ff0000
Tomato ff6347 Firebrick b22222
Salmon fa8072 Orange ffa500
Brown a52a2a Chocolate d2691e
Peru cd853f Hot Pink ff64b4
Violet ee82ee Purple a020f0
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