Creating a Custom Deployment Application

By creating a custom application you can take full advantage of HTML, XML, JavaScript, style sheets, and other features of Web design. When layoutType=custom, the customDir variable in the file can specify a user-defined directory which will be used instead of the Attachmate default. This must be in the following directory structure:

Note A common error when creating custom directories is to exclude the locale directory, such as en for English. If a client attempts to access a custom myAccess Links page with an unprovided locale, the default myAccess Links page will be presented.

The safest way to create a custom myAccess Links page is to begin by copying the default myAccess Links page files located in MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/basic/en to a customDir/locale directory. This method will copy the necessary XML code required to properly access presentations managed by the MCS. You can then modify the copied myAccess Links page in your custom directory per the requirements of the user.

Note Before editing the properties file, we recommend that you first make a back-up copy for safekeeping.
To create a custom application
  1. Using any standard text editor, open the text file, from the following directory:


  2. Change the value of layoutType to custom.

  3. Change the value of customDir to the name of your custom directory.

  4. Save and close the file.

  5. Under the directory structure MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig, create the custom directory named as the value of customDir.

  6. Under MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/customdir create the locale directory (en for English).

  7. Copy the contents of MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/basic/en to the directory MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/customdir/locale, including all files and any subdirectories.

  8. Modify the copied myAccess Links page in the customDir directory using any standard Web development tools.
    Note Changes to prominent features such as filenames must be matched by appropriate changes in the file.
Note To safeguard the integrity of the presentation, an external header and/or footer is inserted into html table elements and prepended and appended to the presentation, respectively.

To use external headers and footers which only contain scripting code, intended to interact with the various components of the presentation, the setting putExternalHeaderFooterInTable is provided in the file, which prevents the external files from being placed into an html table.

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