Sample Themes and Rules

Let's say your company has inventory, ordering, and shipping programs on a host mainframe that you want to access securely via the Web and automate for your customers' ease of use. However, rapid changes in your corporate image and your work environment are difficult to accommodate in your legacy systems.

The specific problems you want to address are:

What to Do

The general steps you need to take are as follows:

  1. From the Theme Manager, copy the theme you are currently using, and change the default color to the desired green.

  2. While in the Theme editor, open the Rule editor and create three new rules as follows:

    Your customers log onto your company Web site, note the color change, read the updated copyright, find their replacement parts, and with one click locate the store nearest them where they can place orders using the correct part number.

Other types of specific changes can be made to each control, including colors, borders, font, and placement in relation to the location on the host screen. These allow the designer to better update, customize, and enhance the quality of the host screen by selectively presenting it as a more user-friendly Web page.

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