Controlling Application Appearance using Themes

Themes provide the application designer with a method for setting the look and feel of a project without having to edit every form manually. Every time a host screen is navigated to, whether from the Interact page in Presentation Designer, or from a custom Presentation Builder application running in an end user's browser, that screen is presented in the browser according to the rules included in the theme, effectively customizing the entire application.

You can apply a theme to any project with a host connection. Themes are applied when you create new projects based on active host sessions, but you can change to a different theme at any time by selecting a different one in the Project Properties.

If none of the default themes are appropriate for your particular situation, you can create a new theme at any time, whether your project is open or not.

To create and apply a theme
  1. Run Presentation Designer.

  2. From the Tools menu, choose Themes.

    The Theme Manager appears, showing the default themes and their descriptions.

  3. To create a new theme, choose New.


    To modify a default theme, select it, choose Copy, then choose Modify. (A new version of the theme is created with Copy of appended to the beginning of it.)

    The Theme editor appears.

  4. Set the Theme property values.

    For more detailed information, see Setting Theme Property Values.

  5. Create new rules or modify the existing ones.

    For more detailed information, see Changing Host Fields with Custom Rules.

  6. To apply your theme to a new project, when you are creating the project, from the New Project dialog box, select the theme from the Theme list box.


    To apply your theme to an existing project, open the project, then from the Edit menu, choose Project Properties, and from the Theme list box, select the theme, then click OK.

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