Each ASCII-EBCDIC table includes two sections. The first section, [AsciiToEbcdic], indicates which ASCII characters to replace with which EBCDIC characters when transmitting data to the host. The second section, [EbcdicToAscii], indicates which EBCDIC characters to replace with which ASCII characters when receiving data from the host. Each of the two sections contains 16 rows, and each row contains 16 hexadecimal values, corresponding to the 256 characters that a computer can transmit or receive.

In the following sample table, for instance, the ASCII value 0x04 (represented by the fifth position in the first row under [AsciiToEbcdic]) is converted to 0x37 when it is transmitted to the host. The EBCDIC value 0x37 (represented by the eighth position in the fourth row under [EbcdicToAscii]) is converted to 0x04 when it is received from the host.


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