Configuring a 3270 or 5250 Host Connection

You can connect to a host when you first create your project (by basing the project on an active host session), and you can add host connections at any time during development.

You can create events within your application that reconfigure host connections based on information available only at run time. For details, see Configuring a Host Connection at Runtime.

To add a new 3270 or 5250 host connection
  1. In an open project, from the Host menu, choose New Connection.

    The Choose Host Type dialog box appears.

  2. Select a Host Type, either 3270 or 5250, then choose OK.

    The Host Settings dialog box appears with the General page under Connection Settings selected.

  3. Type the Host Alias/IP Address and change any other settings as desired.

  4. Select the Host Name node, and on the Host Name page, type the name you want to use to refer to this host within your development environment, then choose OK.

    Presentation Designer will connect to the new host, and display the start-up screen in the Interact page of the Editor.

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