3270 Keystrokes

The following table lists the keystrokes that you can use with a 3270 session. For all keystrokes that involve the numeric keypad, NUMLOCK must be off. All letter keys are lowercase letters.

QuickPad, which displays in the Interact page, provides an easy way to send host commands.

Action Keystroke
Escape Reset
F1 PF1
F2 PF2
F3 PF3
F4 PF4
F5 PF5
F6 PF6
F7 PF7
F8 PF8
F9 PF9
F10 PF10
F11 PF11
F12 PF12
Print Screen Print
Scroll Lock CursorSelect
Break Clear
Action Keystroke
Tab Tab
Ctrl Newline
Backspace BackSpace
Enter Enter
Insert Insert
Home Home
Page Up PA1
Page Down PA2
Delete Delete
End EraseEnd
Up Arrow Up
Left Arrow Left
Down Arrow Down
Right Arrow Right
Ins Insert
Del Delete
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