Overview: Restructuring Application Flow

Presentation Builder applications can present your host applications not just with a new interface, but also with a new structure, or navigational logic. Workflow within a host application often involves transitioning from one screen to another, through a process of entering data into a field on one screen, followed by a keystroke on another, that leads to yet a different screen. In some cases, you may have specific navigation paths within a host application that correspond to a particular function within your business.

For example, a sales representative may use a series of screens that require input to complete a sale, but a customer service representative may use a different path within the same application. With Presentation Builder, you can create two custom applications based on the same host application: for example; one with just the screens and fields used by your sales staff, and another with just the screens and fields required by your customer service staff.

Two other benefits of the restructuring capabilities in Presentation Builder are that you can add external data and functionality, such as Web services or other host applications, and you can remove unwanted or sensitive data from your applications. Your sensitive data remains secure on the host while your custom application allows access only to the data you choose to expose.

Skipping Host Screens

You can streamline your Presentation Builder application by creating a skipped-screen sequence that automatically enters the AID keys needed to process intermediate screens, skipping them so users get right to the screen they need to work on. The Skip Screens editor in Presentation Designer provides tools to edit the paths in your skipped-screens sequence. You can also skip screens by adding one or more Sendkey actions to an event, but the Skip Screens editor provides an easy drag and drop interface with thumbnail views of the recorded screens in a project.

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