Java Renderer and HTML Considerations

The Java Renderer option requires that the end users download a small Java applet to render your custom application. When end users request a presentation that contains a Java Renderer application, MCS first makes sure that they have the Sun JRE, and installs it if they don't. Then it downloads the Java applet to the user's browser. Caching options for this applet are determined by the user's environment.

Note If you are authenticating users through an SSL client certificate, and your users access your run-time server through a modem and a phone line, the certificate gets passed back and forth with each communication, reducing performance significantly. HTML is the recommended application type for this environment.

For the HTML option, Presentation Designer transcodes your custom application into HTML, which will be displayed directly in your end user's browser. The HTML option has some minor functional limitations to consider before you make your decision.

HTML Limitations

When using the Java Renderer, AID keys will function correctly, but keys that reposition the cursor such as Home and End will not. Also affected are keys which change data in fields, such as Erase End of Field.

With Presentation Integrator, you can include multiple Java Renderer-based applications in one presentation. Only one HTML application may be included in a custom presentation.

Users will not be able to set the cursor position on protected host fields. Host fields which are blinking will not blink in your HTML application.

Control Properties Limitations

Presentation Designer uses the Java Renderer to show you your application, so what you see is what your users will see, if you use that application type. For HTML, the display will be different, depending on the users' browsers and how they're configured. This can be particularly noticeable for font size.

Some of the properties that you can set in Presentation Designer may not be converted into HTML when your application is published, and some may be converted but with a set value that you cannot change. See the table below for details.

Control or
Controls: Property
Converted to HTML? Converted to HTML but Automatically Set To:
All Controls: Tooltip No NA
All Controls: Short Cut No NA
Label: Border Yes No Border
Label: Vertical Alignment Yes Center
Label: Vertical Text Position Yes Center
Label: Horizontal Alignment Yes Left
Label: Horizontal Text Position Yes Left
TextField: Border No NA
TextField: Horizontal Alignment Yes Left
TextField: Mask No NA
TextArea: Text(URL) No NA
Button: Short Cut No NA
Button: Border Yes Line Border
Button: Vertical Alignment Yes Center
Button: Vertical Text Position Yes Center
Button: Horizontal Alignment Yes Left
Button: Horizontal Text Position Yes Left
CheckBox and
RadioButton: Border
Yes None
CheckBox and
RadioButton: Vertical Alignment
Yes Center
CheckBox and
RadioButton: Vertical Text Position
Yes Center
CheckBox and
RadioButton: Horizontal Alignment
Yes Left
CheckBox and
RadioButton: Horizontal Text Position
Yes Left
ComboBox: Editable No NA
WebLinks: Underline No NA
Image: Opaque No NA
Table: On Double Click No NA
Table: Border Yes None
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