Setting Project Properties

From the Presentation Designer Project Properties dialog box, you can configure a wide variety of settings that pertain to your project and application.

To set project properties
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Project Properties.

    The Project Properties dialog box appears with the Project node selected.

  3. From the Project node, change or view the settings as desired for the Info, Startup/Stop, Theme, and Error pages.

    From this page
    You can
    Info View project information, and revise the project description if you want.
    Startup/Stop Initiate events in the application start-up, and define the last events that occur before an application stops.
    Theme See which theme was applied to the application when the project was created, and select and apply a new theme for your application.
    Error Form Select or change the form to display when an error occurs in your application. You can select any user-defined form, but the form must have an Error Report control on it to display error messages. When you create events, you can specify different error forms for errors that occur in the context of specific events.
  4. Select the Forms node, and then change or view the settings as desired for the Forms page.

    From this page, you can restrict or grant end user access to subsets of your host application.

  5. Select the Editor node, and then change or view the settings as desired for the Editor page.

    From this page, you can specify the default size for new user-defined forms, the number of actions saved for the Undo feature, and other settings affecting how Presentation Designer works. You can also choose to have confirmation messages shown for a variety of changes and deletions.

  6. From the Publish node, change or view the settings as desired for the MCS, Application Creation, and Messages pages.

    From this page
    You can
    MCS Identify the server, port number, and security access for your application.
    Application Creation Set the default behavior for creating presentations. When you publish an application, you can have a presentation made automatically for you, you can choose to never make presentations, or you can be prompted every time to decide. You can also set a different owner name for presentations.
    Messages Choose to show confirmation messages when publishing an application.
  7. When you have finished viewing or making changes to the property settings for your project, choose OK.
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