Overview: Creating Custom Applications

The process of creating a custom application with Presentation Builder is flexible and allows easy iterations for testing during development. Using Presentation Designer, you can quickly generate a simple application with minimal customization, and then add further customizations gradually.

Creating Simple Applications

Simple applications provide users with access to a Java applet that displays the host application just as it would display in a terminal emulator, except one of several pre-defined themes determines how the screens appear. Within minutes you can put a new face on all of the screens in your host application and make it available in a quickly downloadable Java applet.

Customizing Applications

Three major types of customizations you can make are:

Customizing Applications Globally

When you create a new project, Presentation Designer provides a choice of themes. The theme you select is applied, as a default, to all of the host screens that are processed through your application. The theme applies a set of predetermined rules to every host screen. The rules specify the details of how host fields are converted into controls such as labels and text fields. You can create your own themes and rules, or use the defaults provided.

Customizing Individual Host Screens and Interface Elements

In addition to the themes and rules applied to every host screen, you can select specific screens or elements to customize. You can add new controls to change the screen, or remove host fields to simplify the interface. Beyond just changing the appearance, you can change or add functionality with the Event editor in Presentation Designer.

Restructuring Your Application

You can optimize your application for specific user types by removing or rearranging host screens, and by incorporating other host applications or Web services. If your business has changed but you don't want to rewrite your host applications, this is a great way to continue getting value from your legacy applications.

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