Setting Form Properties

Form properties are the named attributes of a custom form (also referred to as a recorded screen). They define form characteristics (such as size and background image) or behaviors (whether a form includes a QuickPad or triggers an event, for example).

Some properties may already be determined by the project's theme. Setting form properties takes precedence over theme properties.

To set form properties
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer, click the Customize tab, and select a form.

    In the Properties Editor, in the lower left of the Presentation Designer window, the properties for the selected form are displayed.

  2. Set properties by clicking, or double-clicking, the value field.

    For some properties, double-clicking the Value field opens a separate dialog box. For others, a single click opens a list box or puts a cursor in the Value field so you can type the property value directly into it.

    For detailed information about the properties available to edit, see Form Property Descriptions.

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