Installing Custom Functions

There are two ways that you can use your custom functions in Presentation Designer: make them available to a specific project (copy the function class files to the \classes folder for a project); or make them available globally to all projects created using Presentation Designer (add it to a function library).

To install a custom function class for an individual project
  1. Start Presentation Designer.

  2. Create a new project in which you want to use your custom functions.

  3. Copy your custom function class file to the \classes subfolder for your project. (The \classes subfolder is created by Presentation Designer when a new project is created.)

    The default location for projects is C:\Program Files\Attachmate\EAI\PresentationDesigner\Projects. When you publish an application, the custom function class file is published with your application.

To install custom functions globally in Presentation Designer projects
  1. Copy the JAR file that contains your custom functions to a folder on the computer on which Presentation Designer is installed.

    The default location for function libraries is C:\Program Files\Attachmate\EAI\PresentationDesigner\lib folder. However, you can place the files in any location you choose. If you place the file in a location other than the \lib folder, you must create a dependency for the file, or the folder containing the file, in the libraries.xml file.

  2. Using your IDE or text editor to open the libraries.xml, modify this file to include a new library entry for your custom functions classes.

    The default location for the libraries.xml file is C:\Program Files\Attachmate\EAI\PresentationDesigner\

    The following example demonstrates how to define a function class library in a libraries.xml file:

    <Library name="MyCustomFunctions" type="user" platform="java" package="com.mycorp.classes.myfunction" src="\my_classes\my_functions.jar"/> </Libraries>
    Note The libraries.xml file contains several comments that will assist you in adding your library entry.
  3. Save the updated file, and, if Presentation Designer is already running, restart it to load the new function library information.
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