Editing a Stop Event

This event is called once during the application lifecycle, when the application is unloaded. You can add any action to this event except for Display Form. When a user exits a Presentation Builder custom application, the application sends a Telnet disconnect. However, should your host application require a specific shutdown action or a logoff sequence, you can use this event to automate it.

To edit the Stop event for your application
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Project Properties.

  3. In the Project Properties dialog box, under Project, select Startup/Stop.

  4. Click the Edit Application Stop button.

    The Event editor displays showing the ApplicationStop event.

  5. Edit the event by adding and configuring actions.

    The Display Form action will not be available, because your application has stopped and can no longer display forms. (For details about the available actions, see the Adding Actions to Events topic.)

  6. Click OK to close the Event editor.

  7. Click OK to close the Project Properties dialog box.

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