Adding Events to Controls

By adding events to your custom application, you can change how that application works. Events also provide the mechanism for accessing data sources external to your original host application, including Web services, other host applications, and Services Builder tasks.

To create an event associated with a control
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer, select a form, and then click the Customize tab.

  2. Add a control that supports events.

    Events can be associated with button, WebLink, image, list box, and table controls.

  3. Right-click a control that supports events, then under Event Editor, choose New.

    The Event editor appears.

  4. Add one or more actions to the event.

    For details about the available actions, see the Adding Actions to Events topic.

    Note The last action in your event must be Display Form.
Note If your custom application doesn't include a host connection, you will not be able to choose from all of the actions associated with host connections. However, once you add a host connection to the application, all of these actions will become available for the event.
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