Overview: Adding Events

By adding events to your custom application, you can change how that application works. Events also provide the mechanism for accessing data sources external to your original host application, including Web services, other host applications, and Services Builder tasks.

Events occur at specific times, or in response to specific user actions. You can create eight types of events with Presentation Designer:

Event Description Additional Information
Application Startup The first event that occurs after the application starts. Editing the Start-up Event
Application Stop The last event that occurs before the application stops. Adding a Stop Event
On Click An event that occurs when a user clicks a button, WebLink, or image control. Adding Events to Controls
On Double-Click An event that occurs when a user double-clicks a list box or table control. Adding Events to Controls
On Command Key An event that occurs when a user presses any AID key while viewing the current form. Editing Command Key Events
On Form Load A form must to be loaded into memory before it is shown to the user. The On Form Load event is called when a form has been loaded. Adding Events to Forms, Overview
On Form Show Just before being displayed, the On Form Show event is called. This event is called every time the form is displayed. Adding Events to Forms, Overview
On Form Submit A form is considered submitted once a user has interacted with it in a way that causes data to be sent to the server. After that data is sent and before the form is replaced by another, the On Form Submit event is called. Adding Events to Forms, Overview

Once you've determined the type of event you want to add, use the relevant procedure (from the table above) to access the Event editor. From the Event editor, you can add an action or a list of actions that will encompass the event.

Note If your custom application doesn't include a host connection, you will not be able to choose from all of the actions associated with host connections. However, once you add a host connection to the application, all of these actions will become available for the event.
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