Adding Actions to Events

Actions are the details of an event. An event can include one or more actions. The Event editor enforces certain rules about which actions can be added, and where in the event sequence they can be added; for example, in most events you cannot add an action to occur after the Display Form action.

To add an action to an event
  1. Open the Event editor.

    Depending on the type of event you are creating, the Event editor will open with the basic structure for that event in place; generally, the default error form will be selected and the default Display Form action will be listed.

  2. Choose the action you want to add to your event.

    The Actions list is separated into three groups for convenience. Click the button for the group you want to expand. For example, to access the Connect action, choose the Session button from the Actions list.

  3. Insert an action into the event by dragging it from the Actions list into the Event Steps tree, or by right-clicking the action and choosing an insert or add option.

    The commands available from the right-click menu depend on the currently selected action in the Event Steps tree. If the event itself is selected, Insert Branch will be the only choice available. Choosing Insert Branch adds the action to the beginning of the event.

  4. Configure the action.

    Each action has one or more configuration option that appears in the lower right corner of the Event editor. Choose an action from the table below for configuration information.

    Assignment Function Configure
    Sendkey Services Builder Tasks Connect
    Decision Branch Web Service Disconnect
    Loop   ID Management
    Display Form   Sendkey

  5. Add as many actions as you want.

    You can use the row of arrow buttons at the top of the Event Steps tree to manage the list.

  6. Click OK to close the Event editor.

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