Transitioning between Hosts

You can provide access to multiple hosts within your application by creating an event that connects to and displays another host. Events can only access hosts that have been configured in your project. Create a new design-time host connection, and then configure an event to connect at run-time. For more information about creating host connections, see Connecting to a Host, Overview.

To transition from one host to another
  1. Create an event, and add a Connect action to it.

    To access the Connect action, choose the Session button from the Actions list.

  2. Under Connect Properties, from the Select a Host to Connect list box, select the host to which you want to transition.
    Note For a connection to appear in this list, you must have already made a design-time connection to the host.
  3. (Optional) From the Expected Screen list box, select the screen that you expect to display when your application connects to the host.

    Making this selection improves performance and makes data from the expected screen available to subsequent actions in the event.

  4. In the Event Steps tree, click the Display Form action.

  5. In the Display Form Properties, under Select Form, select Display Host Screen Form.

  6. Under Select Form, select the host and screen to which you want to transition.

Note You can also add the Connect action to your application start-up event, so that the host connection will be ready for a faster transition. Your transitional event would only need to include the Display Form action.
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