Displaying Event Results

The last action for most events is Display Form. This action describes what your application will display once the event has run. You can set it to display any host screen to which you've navigated, or any user-defined form that you've created. Also, you can use this action to display new data by sending eligible data to any control on this form that will accept input.

Note When an execution thread for an event reaches a Display Form action, the event will finish. This is true even when the Display Form action is in a branch or loop.
To edit the form displayed at the end of an event
  1. Create an event in the Event editor.

    The Display Form action will already be in place as the last action in most events.

    Note You cannot use the Display Form action when editing the On Application Stop event.
  2. From the Event Steps tree, select the Display Form action.

  3. From the right pane, under Display Form Properties, select the form that you want to display.

    If you're displaying a host screen form, you must select a screen other than <unknown> to enable the Assign Form Inputs button.

  4. Click the Assign Form Inputs button.

    The Assign Form Inputs dialog box appears, showing the eligible data on the left and the available inputs on the right for the selected form.

  5. Under Eligible Data, select the item representing the data resulting from the event.

  6. Under Form Inputs, select the control that you want to display the returned value.

  7. Click the Add Mapping button.

  8. Click OK.

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