Excluding Sensitive or Unneeded Data

There are two ways to exclude data: one is to remove the controls that are bound to the host fields you don't want to expose; the other is to limit user access to unrecorded or uncustomized screens. The method you choose will depend upon the scope of the application you want to create.

By excluding certain kinds of data from your application, you can create applications specifically for certain types of users, whether you're removing elements that don't apply to them, or elements to which you can't safely grant them access.

To remove a control bound to an unwanted host field
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer, select the recorded screen with the control you want to remove, and click the Customize tab.

  2. Select the control, press the DELETE key, then, on the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.

To limit access to unrecorded or uncustomized screens
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Project Properties.

    The Project Properties dialog box appears with the Info page selected.

  3. In the navigation pane on the left, click Forms.

  4. Under Form Access, select the level of restriction you want.

    You can also choose a user-defined form to display if the user tries to access a restricted screen.

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