Control Descriptions: Text Area

Using the Text Area control, you can work with multiline data on customized forms. In text areas, end users can input data, or you can display data from the host through screen bindings. Also, you can display a Web site directly in the space created by a Text Area control by setting the Text (URL) property.

Text Area Properties

Property Description
Text Default text which will display in the control until a user changes it.
Text (URL) A URL for a Web document which will display in the control.
Use Scroll Pane If set to False, large content which would normally enable scroll bars will be inaccessible.

Common Properties

The following properties are also available:

Background, Border, Editable, Enabled, Font, Foreground, Name, Opaque, Prefix, Screen Binding, Suffix, Tooltip, Width and Height, X and Y.

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