Control Descriptions: Radio Button

Using the Radio Button control, you can create selectable radio buttons on customized forms. Selecting radio buttons allows end users to choose a state or condition (selected or unselected). In your radio button's properties, you can define data associated only with the selected state, and use this data in your application.

Generally, radio buttons are used to present a set of mutually exclusive selectable items. To define this set, associate two or more radio buttons with a Group Box control, using the group box's properties. For details, see Mapping Data from a Set of Radio Buttons.

Presentation Designer radio buttons also offer configurable tooltips and hotkey shortcuts for selecting the radio button with a keyboard.

Radio Button Properties

Property Description
Data If the radio button is selected by an end user, this will be the value of the control.
Selected If set to True, the control will be selected by default.
Short Cut A letter in the caption which will be underlined. Pressing the ALT key and typing this letter will select the radio button.

Common Properties

The following properties are also available:

Background, Border, Caption, Enabled, Font, Foreground, Horizontal Alignment, Horizontal Text Position, Name, Opaque, Prefix, Screen Binding, Suffix, Tooltip, Vertical Alignment, Vertical Text Position, Width and Height, X and Y.

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