Mapping Data from a Set of Radio Buttons

If you have a set of radio buttons on a form, and you want to use the result of a user selection from that set, you can capture that value with a group box.

To map data from a set of radio buttons
  1. Add two or more radio button controls to a form.

  2. Set the Data property for each radio button control.

  3. Add a group box control to the form.

  4. Set the Algorithm property for the group box control to Radio Button Algorithm.

  5. Set the Control List property for the group box control to include all of the radio button controls that you want to include in this set.

    Now, the value of the group box control is equal to the selected radio button. You can map this value to a global variable, bind it to a host field, or use it in any other mappings when this form is included in the eligible data.

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