Masking Text Field Controls

Use this property to create a pre-formatted text field that enforces certain rules at the character level.

For example, if you have a text field into which end users will be entering phone numbers, you could make it easy for them, and standardize the input to meet input requirements, by creating the following mask: 'Home Phone Number: (###/###-####). When the user types numbers into the field, they will replace the # symbols, leaving the other characters.

To create a text field mask
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer, select a form, and click the Customize tab.

  2. Select the text field control you want to create a mask for.

  3. Double-click the value field next to Mask in the Properties Editor, then type the mask value.
    To constrain characters to get this result
    Type this
    Any number #
    Any letter ?
    Any letter you want to be uppercase U
    Any letter you want to be lowercase L
    Any letter or number A
    Any hex character (0-9, a-f or A-F) H
    Anything *

    To escape any of these special characters, use the apostrophe (').

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