Adding Controls

You can add graphical user interface (GUI) controls to any form using the Controls Toolbar in the Editor pane.

To add a control
  1. Open your project in Presentation Designer, select a form, and click the Customize tab.

  2. From the Controls Toolbar on the left side of the Editor, choose the control you want to add by clicking it.

    Positioning your mouse cursor over the toolbar will activate tooltips to help you identify the controls.

  3. Move the cursor to the form (the cursor changes to a cross-hair), then click the mouse on the form where you want to place the control.

  4. Reposition or resize the control as necessary to suit your particular needs.

  5. To modify the properties of a control, select it, and then in the Properties Editor, in the lower left of the Presentation Designer window, set the properties you'd like to customize.

    You can set the same formatting properties on multiple controls all at once. Select multiple controls, then in the Properties pane, on the Format tab, the common properties are displayed that can be set for those controls. If a property displays a value, all the selected controls have the same property value. If a property displays a blank value, the selected controls currently have different values for that property.

  6. Set properties by double-clicking the value field.

    For some properties, double-clicking the Value field opens a list box or separate dialog box. For others, double-clicking puts a cursor in the Value field, so you can type the property value directly into it.

    The properties available will vary depending on the control selected. For more information, see the topics below:

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