Overview: Customizing Interface Elements

During the screen recording process, all host fields are converted into GUI controls according to the rules established by your project's theme. You can make further changes to these elements, as well as adding new ones from the Controls Toolbar.

Note Any changes you make to a converted control take precedence over any attributes that may have been applied to it by the theme. If you modify a control, and then change the project's theme, the changes you make to a specific form or control maintain precedence.

Customizing Appearance

On the Customize page you can align, rearrange, and define how individual controls appear to your users. Whether you've selected a converted control or added a new one, you can change how it appears by changing its Format properties in the Properties editor in the lower left corner.

Customizing Functionality

In addition to changing how the elements appear, you can change the functionality behind them, or add new functionality or application logic.

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