Control Descriptions: Error Report

Using the Error Report control, you can create special text areas for displaying errors on user-defined forms. If a user-defined form (with an Error Report control on it) is set as the error form for an event or for the whole application, it will display errors encountered by the event or application. To set up an error form, see Handling Application Errors.

Presentation Designer Error Report controls allow users to type in them, and copy text from them.

Error Report Properties

Property Description
Line Wrap If set to True, long error messages will wrap so they can display in the width provided by the control, and no horizontal scroll bar will be created.
Tab Size The size (in spaces) of the tabs within the text area.
Use Scroll Pane If set to False, large content which would normally enable scroll bars will be inaccessible.

Common Properties

The following properties are also available:

Background, Border, Enabled, Font, Foreground, Name, Opaque, Tooltip, Width and Height, X and Y.

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