Control Descriptions: Combo Box

Using the Combo Box control, you can add a versatile item selection interface to customized forms. Combo boxes are like drop-down list boxes, but they also include a built-in text field, allowing the user to input a data element not listed (like a write-in vote). In your combo box's properties, you can add items to the selectable list, and define data associated with each item, and use this data in your application.

Presentation Designer combo boxes also offer configurable tooltips and a default selection (see Selected Index below).

Combo Box Properties

Property Description
Data The items that will appear in the list, and the data associated with each item.

When the end user selects an item or types a value, that item's data or the typed value will be the data associated with this control. For example, if you add three items to a combo box, then map that combo box to a host field, when the end user chooses (or types) an item, the data associated with the chosen item gets sent to that host field when the form is processed.

Editable If set to False, the control will not allow typing, and instead functions like a List Box control.
Selected Index The number of the item which will appear as the default.

A setting of -1 means there will be no default. The first item counts as 0, so if you want the third item in the list to the default, type 2 for this property.

Common Properties

The following properties are also available:

Background, Border, Enabled, Font, Foreground, Name, Opaque, Prefix, Screen Binding, Suffix, Tooltip, Width and Height, X and Y.

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