Control Descriptions: Button

Using the Button control, you can create clickable buttons on customized forms. Clicking buttons initiates an event (called the On Click event) that you define by adding actions. For information about building events for buttons, see Adding Events to Controls.

Presentation Designer buttons also offer configurable tooltips and hotkey shortcuts for triggering the button with a keyboard. Buttons are displayed with a text caption (such as "OK" or "Submit"), but if you send data to a button, that data will be displayed as the button's caption, replacing the existing caption.

If you have items in your host application that you want to convert into buttons, you can automatically generate Button controls during the recording process by adding a custom rule to a theme. For details, see Changing Host Fields with Custom Rules.

Button Properties

Property Description
On Click An event which will occur when an end user clicks the button.
Short Cut A letter in the caption which will be underlined. Pressing the ALT key and typing this letter will activate the button's On Click event.

Common Properties

The following properties are also available:

Background, Border, Caption, Enabled, Font, Foreground, Horizontal Alignment, Horizontal Text Position, Name, Opaque, Tooltip, Vertical Alignment, Vertical Text Position, Width and Height, X and Y.

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