Aligning and Rearranging Controls

On your form, controls can be made to line up with each other in a variety of ways. Selected controls can be made to have the same dimensions with a single click on the Editing Toolbar.

To align controls
  1. In the Editor pane, on the Customize tab, select the controls you want to align.
    To select
    Do this
    A single control Click the control. With a single control selected you can use the To Back and To Front buttons in the Editing Toolbar to rearrange controls.
    Multiple controls Press and hold down CTRL while you click each control you want to select.
    A region of controls Click the first control you want to select, then press and hold down SHIFT while you click the last control.
    All controls From the Edit menu, choose Select All; on the Customize page, right-click and choose Select All; use the keyboard shortcut, CTRL + A.
  2. From the Editing Toolbar, click an alignment tool, or from the Form menu, choose Alignment, then select the alignment you want.

    For more precise alignment of controls, you can turn off the Snap to Grid button on the Editing Toolbar.

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