Action Descriptions: Web Service

To extend your application by exchanging data with a Web Service, add a Web Service action to your event. You can map fields or controls from your application to send as inputs to (or receive outputs from) any available Web Service. To access this action in the Event editor, choose the Services button from the Actions list.

Web Service Procedures

Web Service Example

An example of how to use the Web Service action would be in an online banking application that displayed exchange rate information to help users make investment decisions. You could use two currency fields in your application as inputs, and then display the result as the exchange rate between those two currencies.

To build this example, you would add an event to a control (a button, for instance) on the form where the two currency fields are. First, you would add a Web Service action that accessed the service through a URL pointing to its WSDL file. Then, you would open the Web service to select an operation (in this case, GetRate). With the Assign Operation Inputs dialog box, you would map the two currency fields to the two inputs provided by the GetRate operation in this Web service. Finally, you would edit the Display Form action by assigning the returned data to inputs on the form to display the results.

Web Service Properties

Property Description
Step Reference ID Use to identify a particular Web service when you have multiple Web services.
URL Type the URL for the WSDL that includes the Web service you are accessing.
File Select to browse for a local WSDL.
Open Displays the Select Operation dialog box, from which you can specify the operation to access from the Web Service.
Source (Read-only) Shows the source of the Web Service — either the URL or the local path and filename.
Service (Read-only) Shows the name of the Web service.
Operation (Read-only) Shows the operation you selected.
Assign Operation Inputs Use this editor to specify which data to send from your application as inputs to the Web service.
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