Action Descriptions: Services Builder Task

To extend your application by exchanging data with a Services Builder task, add a Services Builder Task action to your event. You can map fields or controls from your application to send as inputs to (or receive outputs from) any Services Builder task that has been published to your MCS server. To access this action in the Event editor, choose the Services button from the Actions list.

Services Builder Task Procedures

Services Builder Task Properties

Property Description
Step Reference ID Use to identify a particular task when you have multiple Services Builder Tasks.
Services Builder (Read-only) Shows which Services Builder published the task you are adding.
Method (Read-only) Shows the full path and method name for the selected method.
Browse Displays the Select Service Method dialog box, from which you can select a task published to your MCS server. You can also select the specific method from the task with which you want to exchange data.
Assign Method Inputs Use this editor to assign available data elements to the inputs built into the function (including constants you can define by right-clicking a method input).
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