Action Descriptions: Sendkey

To send an AID key to the host, add a Sendkey action to an event. You can set to which host screen and cursor location to send the key, and associate a data mapping to the action. To access this action in the Event editor, choose the Basics or Session button from the Actions tree.

Sendkey Procedures

Sendkey Example

One possible way to use a Sendkey action would be to skip the display of unnecessary screens. Let's say your custom application is designed for users who need only a portion of the original host application. To get where they need to go, these users would be required to enter the same commands every time. You could create a sequence of Sendkey actions to provide navigation for these users. Although the actual navigation would occur every time, the users would not see the unnecessary screens, or have to type repeated navigation commands.

To build this example, you could add and configure Sendkey actions to an event (maybe an On Application Startup, or on a button's On Click event after login). To configure the actions, select the host, screen and the Enter key, then use the Assign Field Data dialog box to select the command data and the input field. Finally, you'd add a Display Form action to show the screen from which the users would start the application.

Sendkey Properties

Property Description
Send AID Key to this Host Select a host to receive the AID key. The host can be any host to which the application is connected.
Send AID Key to this Screen Select the specific host application screen to receive the AID key. Although you can select Unknown, you must specify a screen to set the cursor position or assign any field data.
AID Key to be Sent Select an AID key to send to the selected host and screen.
Expected Screen Select the host application screen that you expect to result from this action. The list only includes screens to which the host application has navigated. If the screen you want is not on this list, select Unknown. If you can select the correct screen, this event will run faster, and screen data from the expected host screen will be listed as "Eligible Data" for mapping in subsequent actions within this event.
Set Cursor Position Displays a dialog box from which you can specify the cursor position that is sent with the AID key. To enable this button, you must first choose a host screen to which the AID key will be sent.
Assign Field Data Displays a dialog box from which you can assign any eligible data to be sent to a specified host field along with the AID key. To enable this button, you must first choose a host screen to which the AID key will be sent.
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