Action Descriptions

By adding events to your custom application, you can change how that application works. Events provide the mechanism for accessing data sources external to your original host application, including Web services, other host applications, and Services Builder tasks.

Actions are the details of an event. Presentation Designer provides the following set of actions, which can be used to build events:

Action Description of use in events
Assignment When assigned to a global variable, makes a data element available for use as input or output at any point in your application.
Configure Configures a host at run time.
Connect Connects to a host at run time.
Decision Branch Executes actions, depending upon current conditions.
Disconnect Disconnects from a host at run time.
Display Form Displays a form to the end user.
Function Manipulates data within your application.
ID Management Provides your application the ability to route certain users to dedicated resources.
Loop Executes actions, re-evaluates the condition, and then executes again, as long as the branch condition remains true.
Sendkey Sends an AID key to the host.
Services Builder Task Extends your application by exchanging data with an Synapta Services Builder.
Web Service Extends your application by exchanging data with a Web Service.
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