Action Descriptions: Function

To manipulate data within your application, add a Function action to your event. Presentation Designer comes with a library of pre-defined functions for manipulating strings and numbers. To access this action in the Event editor, choose the Services button from the Actions list.

Function Example

One possible way to use a Function action would be in a banking application that uses an interest rate calculated by adding a markup amount to the published prime rate. You could get the prime rate from a Web service, and then use the math.Add function to add that value to the rate markup amount.

To build this example, you could map the prime rate output of your Web service to the "firstNumber" input, and your rate markup amount to the "secondNumber" input. Then you could use a Display Form action to map the function sum to a control on your form.

Function Procedures

Function Properties

Property Description
Step Reference ID Use to identify a particular function when you have multiple functions.
Library (Read-only) Shows the source library for the selected function.
Function (Read-only) Identifies the Java Package and Class Name of the selected function.
Browse Displays a dialog box from which you can select a function from a library of pre-defined functions for manipulating strings and numbers.
Assign Function Inputs Use this editor to assign available data elements to the inputs built into the function (including constants you can define by right-clicking a function input).
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